Salwa Marzouk

Welcome to my world of graphic design.

There is nothing more exciting than tackling the challenge of communicating complex information through engaging visuals. I recently worked on an interactive and experiential project, titled Cerebral Breach, which explores the idea of being able to see a person's thoughts.

I am a self-starter with experience in designing posters for public events, a magazine, and infographics. I've created identities for Agrilyst and Mathematica and coded various designs such as, Untitled_Virus, Interactive Brush, Line Disruption, and Caterpillar Ghost.

Take a gander at my Resume and LinkedIn.


Air Quality in NYC
The first poster is an organization of air quality data of the five boroughs of New York. The data was visualized through code and then designed as an infographic poster.

Sleep Infographic
An infographic about sleep information displayed in an interesting but organized way.

air quality poster

sleep poster