Salwa Marzouk

Welcome to my world of graphic design.

There is nothing more exciting than tackling the challenge of communicating complex information through engaging visuals. I recently worked on an interactive and experiential project, titled Cerebral Breach, which explores the idea of being able to see a person's thoughts.

I am a self-starter with experience in designing posters for public events, a magazine, and infographics. I've created identities for Agrilyst and Mathematica and coded various designs such as, Untitled_Virus, Interactive Brush, Line Disruption, and Caterpillar Ghost.

Take a gander at my Resume and LinkedIn.


Generative code of my interpretation of a virus. It is constantly in motion and displays an unsuspected reaction to audio. This was part of a gallery exhibition that focused on the broad topic of mobility. Here I am focusing on the mobility of viruses and bringing to light how easily viruses spread through interaction and movement. The code in action is here.

untitled_virus untitled_virus